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Coca Powder (1KG)
[Coca Powder]

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When I learned that this product was legally available for sale in the USA, I decided to try some. has it for over $200 per kilogram at a questionable quality (due to age/storage), so this looked like a great deal, on sale for a great price direct from Peru where it's grown! So I placed the order, with $36 shipping, and waited, and waited - the package was lost in the mail. So I contacted these guys, they said it was insured and they would reship immediately at no additional cost. Their English is impeccable, so communication was both quick and clear. Well the second package arrived shortly afterwards; it consisted of four 250g packages. Perfect! A big bag will go bad quickly once opened, so four individually double-airtight bags seemed like they would go a long way. And they do! This stuff is pretty effective. My package was even thoroughly certified with the National Police of Peru as a fully legal export from Peru to the United States. So if anyone ever asks, you can pull out your copy of Formato #1 which states that no narcotic or hallucinogenic material is present in the shipment (for which the merchant takes responsibility). Or just show them the UPC barcode on the back of the Delisse packaging. Very interesting documentation, very quality product, the high cost of shipping is worth it (think South American postal systems), and if this is the product you want you WILL be satisfied with it.
Date Added: 07/11/2012 by Brian (USA)
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